An Interview With Curator Jo Baring

Watch independent curator, writer and art historian Jo Baring discuss Between Sea and Land

Between Sea and Land is a virtual exhibition which exclusively features the work of contemporary Maltese artists Caesar Attard, Matthew Attard, Aaron Bezzina, Ruth Bianco, Vince Briffa, Austin Camilleri, Charlie Cauchi, Patrick Fenech, Norbert Francis Attard, Romeo Roxman Gatt, Anton Grech, David Pisani, Pierre Portelli, Teresa Sciberras, Raphael Vella

Between Sea and Land is presented on the MICAS VIRTUAL. MICAS VIRTUAL is a virtual rendering of the MICAS internal gallery spaces that will be hosting exhibitions to allow for the virtual interrogation of the spaces, establish a platform that will cater for the new technologies and above all showcase art. This interactive virtual platform will also familiarise artists, curators and the general public with the indoor gallery spaces. It is MICAS’ intention to launch this virtual gallery site in advance of the building’s opening, both to showcase the forthcoming spaces and more importantly to provide an insight into MICAS’ future ambition and the role that Maltese contemporary art will play in it. The platform is being developed in conjunction with VORTIC ART. 

Explore and learn more about Between Sea and Land here.


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