Acquisition Policy

Establishing a collection of art work, whether by purchase or donation, is not a foundational objective for the Malta International Contemporary Art Museum.  However, given its extensive grounds and plans for a Sculpture Garden, it was agreed early in the institution’s development that it would form a collection of contemporary sculpture to be installed eventually across the campus for visitors to explore and enjoy. 

It is important for MICAS, and respectful to the community it serves, that any artist engaged to produce a work for the collection should first gain an understanding of both Malta and its culture, as well as the site where the work is to be placed.  It was envisioned that such artists would effectively become global ambassadors for MICAS and therefore, imperative that they become fully involved with it and its mission, and that this experience informs the selection and eventual placement of their work.

Criteria Governing Acquisitions

All decisions regarding acquisitions take into account the needs of the outdoor sculpture collection, most notably, the condition of the work and the costs of installing and maintaining the work. It is also imperative that funds provided by the government for this purpose are responsibly spent: any purchase must be negotiated to represent the best possible price to MICAS.

Limitations on Collecting

MICAS recognises its responsibility, in acquiring works for the collection, to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for the use, care and documentation of the collection, taking into account  established sector standards where relevant. MICAS will only acquire works by artists who have established a critical international reputation. Due diligence will be carried out to ensure that the art work, or the process of making and installing it, does not contravene any Malta adopted regulations relating to protection of nature, use of material or exploitation of workers.  

Authority and Artistic Advice

Before entering into a contract for a purchase of a work, the MICAS Board will consult with the members of the Creative Committee who will in turn enter into dialogue with arts professionals internationally.  All recommendations will be put to the Board for final approval before proceeding with the purchase.

The Creative Committee, in addition to ensuring the afore mentioned international status of the artist selected and the suitability of the work for the site and value for investment it represents, will ensure that its research will enable it to select some of the finest artists working today to contribute to a growing and diverse body of work which visitors to MICAS can, in turn,  be informed by and derive inspiration from.  There may be occasions when the recommendations of a work is also a legacy of a MICAS staged exhibition.

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