Ruth Bianco

27th September 2018

Ruth Bianco is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the dynamics of space and transboundary movements. She has exhibited extensively, travelling to participate in significant exhibitions and country representations. She is a professor of Fine Art and artistic interdisciplinarity, having led Art in Architecture to develop critical spatial practice and innovate pedagogic environments for contemporary artistic research at the University of Malta, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) UK, and other European universities.

Her art research embodies a choreographic metaphor for itinerancy, cultural geography and trans-historical space, using a wide range of media from paper to data.  Her international engagement actively involves visiting artist and guest speaking roles; juried gallery and exhibition invitation; alongside independent curation, art-writing and publication. She has served as a consultant on national culture boards, notably as art director of the Malta International Contemporary Art Space. Her work is held in the national collections of Heritage Malta, the Special Archive Collections of Tate Britain, V&A Museum, and Royal College of Art, London.

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