Ronald Micallef

27th September 2018

Ronald Micallef has lived and worked across Africa in a 25 year career spanning education, creativity and cultural relations.

Ronald’s passion for the arts and creative industries started in Malta where he occupied the post of British Council Director in the years leading up to Malta’s membership of the EU. Under his stewardship, the British Council  focused on the training of young leaders in the arts and showcased the UK’s arts and creative industries to a younger generation keen to embrace wide-ranging changes brought about by EU accession.

Ronald was subsequently appointed British Council Director in Namibia where he similarly engaged with Namibian arts communities and academic institutions to support policy-making, showcasing and the training of young leaders in the arts as well as English language teaching support for the Government of Namibia. Ronald was then posted to Ethiopia where he was  responsible for British Council training programmes across Africa and where he managed a project which produced innovative ‘learning boxes’ for under-resourced schools. The Learning  Boxes  included radio programmes which presented contemporary  literature by emerging British authors in support of language learning in Africa.

Ronald Micallef  has recently been nominated as Malta’s Ambassador-designate for Ethiopia and the African Union. He is based in Malta where he is pursues  Malta’s strategy for trade with Africa as well as Malta’s Overseas Development and Cultural Diplomacy funds and programmes.

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