Niki Young

17th September 2019

Niki Young is a lecturer of Philosophy at the University of Malta (Junior College).  His areas of interest include 20th and 21st Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Deconstruction, as well as various forms of New Realism and Materialism. He has contributed to a number of publications related to philosophy and contemporary art, the most recent ones being “Treepresentations: On Images and Things” (2018) and “I Bear this Crest as a Crown of Thorns: A Series of Thoughts on Vince Briffa’s Flowerheads” (2018). He currently also acts as an advisor for Graham Harman’s forthcoming work which seeks to provide an elaborate synthesis and development of the ideas advanced by the author during the past two decades. Young has studied art with a number of prominent Maltese contemporary artists, and has been involved in a number of philosophy and art related projects, the most recent one being (Met)afourisms (2018), held at Spazju Kreattiv (Valletta).  Young’s current research focuses on the points of convergence and divergence between the work of Graham Harman and that of Jacques Derrida.  Prior to embarking on his lecturing career, he worked as a graphic and web designer.

Photo courtesy of Niki Young.

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