Luke Azzopardi

14th September 2022

The Luke Azzopardi studio, founded by Maltese fashion artist Luke Azzopardi (b.1992), focuses on the idea of timeless elegance stemming from the creative director’s academic background in costume history. Luke Azzopardi’s methodology of fusing together powerful visuals, academic research and artisanal design is what distinguishes his work as one of Malta’s foremost fashion artists. This translates into the ethos of the maison, a self-sustainable atelier embracing concept-based fashion and beauty. The nature of the brand’s work looks to fashion as an art object. Wearable products are presented as results of investigations into art history, and studio events are designed as immersive cultural experiences. 

The offering of the Luke Azzopardi studio has always been curious about the nature of the art object, and how it lives through its audience when interfaced with fashion. Its wearable nature generates a participative opportunity for the brand’s audience to be a part of the investigative nature of each collection. This has created a genre which is unique to the studio within the local cultural landscape, and which has positioned the brand at the receiving end of critical acclaim since its inception.

The interfacing realms of fashion and art-making often delve into confessional themes of identity-building, cultural rites, and historic rituals, deriving fresh new narratives with which to reach out to audiences. Immersive events maximise on the narratives of each space and contribute to the complex, layered stories that they become a part of. The multi-mediatic nature of the studio’s work has created contemporary statements beyond the consumable, commercial tendencies of the fashion world, towards the layered, complex potentialities of the art object.

Photo courtesy of Luke Azzopardi.

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