Georgina Portelli

27th September 2018

Georgina Portelli is a specialist in concept formation, language representation and multilingualism, and holds a PhD (Psych) from the University of London. She has worked extensively in the education, communications and concept development fields as well as in the cultural and creative sector as a researcher, editor and policy advisor. She is a co-author of the National Cultural Policy 2021 for Malta and the primary researcher for the Relink•Indelible Narratives Project, that explores the history of tattoo culture in Malta and its diasporas. As an independent curator, she has a special interest in interactive art, memory and negotiated boundaries of the self, radical otherness and the politics of displacement. Her current work focuses on diaspora and memory studies, culture for social inclusion, sponsorship for the arts, and the forging of creative partnerships between art, science and other disciplines.

A passionate champion of creativity and contemporary art, Georgina is presently a board member of MICAS (Malta International Contemporary Art Space) and Chair of the MICAS Education Committee.

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