On the evening of Saturday 16 October 2021, MICAS hosted its annual fundraising dinner at Gracy’s Brasserie, Valletta, bringing to a close the 3rd edition of the MICAS International Art Weekend. 

The MICAS International Art Weekend 2021 celebrated the unveiling of MICAS’ new acquisition Sea Cave (Entrance), a site-specific piece by celebrated contemporary artist Cristina Iglesias at Hastings Gardens in Valletta. Hailing from the Basque Country and working in Madrid, the artist (b.1956) creates profound contemplative spaces of imagination using a unique sculptural vocabulary expressed in work that can be found in inner cities or remote islands.

As a new exciting national acquisition that will remain accessible for the public to visit and enjoy at Hastings Gardens presently, Sea Cave (Entrance) will eventually be relocated to the MICAS Sculpture Garden on the San Salvatore Counterguard overlooking Marsamxett Harbour. Learn more here.

Vidjos Relatati

In Conversation with Cristina Iglesias

Vidjos Oħra

In Conversation with Michele Oka Doner

Michele Oka Doner: The Palm Goddess for Malta

In Conversation with Cristina Iglesias

Interview with Cristina Iglesias

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MICAS in Conversation: Michele Oka Doner

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MICAS in Conversation: Conrad Shawcross - It-tieni Parti

MICAS in Conversation: Conrad Shawcross


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