DATE: 12 – 10 – 2019

VENUE: MUŻA, Auberge d’Italie, Merchants Street, Valletta

MICAS and the Serpentine Galleries presented two sessions of talks inspired by the research and practice of artist Pierre Huyghe, on the occasion of the opening of his work Exomind (Deep Water) in Malta. Experts in philosophy, science, anthropology, technology, art and ecology were invited to participate in talks that take Huyghe’s work as a starting point with a focus on answering such questions as: how can we respond to the climate crisis across disciplines? How can we rethink our position in the world? Where should we look for help? This international panel was chaired by the Serpentine Galleries’ Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Rebecca Lewin, Curator of Exhibitions and Design, who worked with Huyghe on his recent exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries, titled UUmwelt (2018).

SESSION 1: Bio-entanglement and dislocation
Speakers: Simone Borg, Flora KatzManthia Diawara
Chaired by: Hans Ulrich Obrist

SESSION  2: Systems as hyperobjects, hyperobjects as systems
Speakers: Emanuele Coccia, Nora N. KhanNiki Young
Chaired by: Rebecca Lewin 

The MICAS Art Talks formed part of the MICAS International Art Weekend and were organised with the kind support of Air Malta, Heritage Malta, Malta Tourism Authority, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Restoration Directorate, and MUŻA.

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