For the second part of the MICAS in Conversation series, art critic and curator Rajesh Punj furthers his discussion with London-based artist Conrad Shawcross on his permanent new site-specific work Schism (2020).

Installed earlier this summer on the grounds of Château La Coste’s estate, Schism (2020) continues Shawcross’ exploration into the peculiar geometric and philosophical potential of the Tetrahedron, a preoccupation that has positively coloured all of Shawcross’ inventiveness to date. Schism (2020) consists of twenty tetrahedrons bolted together to form a near, but not quite, perfect icosahedron. Yet for all the exactness of science, the work fails to come together. Whilst the majority of the form is intact, crucial parts of the steel structure appear undone, as though the geometry has failed for the fault of gravity. Creating these cracks or chasms as irregular spaces that fill with light, Schism (2020) allows enough space inside for a human presence. 

The MICAS in Conversation series forms part of its programming vision towards fostering new ideas and experiences promoting contemporary art. 

MICAS is a Government of Malta infrastructural legacy project for the Culture and the Arts sector. MICAS will be realised through state funded restoration of historical fortifications and is an EU co-funded project that will deliver the MICAS internal galleries through the European Regional Development Fund in 2022.

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