THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE winners: Elena Baldacchino, Jack Ferris, Leia Galea, Nina Agius, Jayme Hili, Thanida Zammit Moksuwan, Gabriel Azzopardi, Enya Grech, Rebecca Grech.


23rd March 2021

We would like to thank everyone who took part and helped make THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE a massive success. We are truly encouraged by the enthusiastic response. Over the course of seven weeks, 729 young creatives submitted their face mask designs.

Launched in December 2020 as MICAS’ first #MicasForKids initiative, THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE was not simply a ‘challenge’. This initiative provided a platform where children and young people could freely and creatively express through art their aspirations and concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  This wonderful myriad of mask designs is a snapshot of our young participants’ reflections and experiences during these challenging times.

THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE was open to three different age groups. ‘I wish…’ was the theme for the 5-8 age group, with ‘My world’, and ‘The view from my room’ being the themes for the 9-12 and 13-16 age groups, respectively.

We heartily thank all our young participants for their great effort. We would also like to thank their schools, educators and parents/guardians for supporting this initiative.

Three winning designs were selected from each age category. These are the nine winners of THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE:

Elena Baldacchino
Jack Ferris
Leia Galea
Nina Agius
Jayme Hili
Thanida Zammit Moksuwan
Gabriel Azzopardi
Enya Grech
Rebecca Grech

All the winners received a certificate of award, a pack of official MICAS face masks, and a €25 voucher from an art shop together with a gift bag. In the coming months, the winners will also be receiving a pack of face masks featuring the winning designs from their category.

To celebrate the vibrant stream of creativity expressed by our young participants, MICAS will be hosting a virtual exhibition of all the submitted designs, with more details to follow shortly.

THE MICAS DESIGN A MASK CHALLENGE forms part of MICAS’ Education initiative in raising awareness to keep our communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while showcasing the creativity of young children. 

      “Let us make sure to look after ourselves and others and wear our face masks”
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