(Closed) International Call For Artistic Programme Director

Mission statement

The Malta International Contemporary Art Space (MICAS) is intended to strengthen Malta’s cultural infrastructure by providing a platform for contemporary art and internationalisation. With the advent of MICAS’ concept launch, Malta has taken a great step forward to become a proactive player in the contemporary art world. Furthermore, with its internal galleries scheduled to open in 2022,  MICAS will not only become a showcase for local contemporary artists but will also engage with international institutions to present groundbreaking works by acclaimed artists from all over the world.

MICAS aims to positively energise Malta’s cultural ecology and impact that of the Euro-Mediterranean region it inhabits. The MICAS mission is to be an advocate of contemporary art by raising public awareness to the significance of the visual arts in contemporary life, and by bringing to the forefront the way art and artists help mediate and interpret the world we live in.

MICAS is a Government of Malta infrastructural legacy project for the Culture and the Arts sector. MICAS will be realised through state funded restoration of historical fortifications and is a EU co-funded project that will deliver the MICAS internal galleries through the European Regional Development Fund in 2022.


Purpose of role/key objectives

Leading the delivery of the artistic vision for MICAS the new Artistic Programme Director will direct and develop the gallery’s art and learning programmes, to reflect and embody the role of Micas as a leading centre for contemporary art. They will liaise  closely with the MICAS Board,  on the development of the artistic programme and the development of the learning and community engagement programme strands. They will play a key role in setting the strategic direction and business plan for MICAS and will represent MICAS effectively to artists, curators, art historians, the general public and to stakeholders in the local culture ecology and to the international art community.

Candidates for this Artistic Programme Director role will not only have a distinguished track record as a curator of international contemporary art but also proven networking credentials with international contemporary institutions. Applicants for the post will have a deep commitment to education, understanding of learning programmes and community inclusion aspects. They will also be able to demonstrate management and leadership capability. They will have academic leadership and research skills as well as the ability to lead, influence, negotiate and work collaboratively across a complex organisation to deliver exceptional results.


Leadership and Strategic Management

▪ Provide creative and inspirational leadership
▪ Be responsible for the positioning and development of MICAS with existing and new stakeholders
▪ Participate and engage in key networks in relevant sectors, nationally and internationally
▪ Be aware of key trends in operating cultural venues including audience patterns, cultural led regeneration, tourism markets and the specific needs of engaging audiences for the contemporary visual arts
▪ Work very closely with the Chair and the Board to implement the strategic vision
▪ Maintain and develop awareness of the brand and ensure that all aspects of the business are ‘on brand’
▪ Create a positive organisational culture which ensures efficiency, creative risk taking and entrepreneurial thinking
▪ Initiate, develop and sustain a wide range of relationships on a national and international platform to improve MICAS’s profile and promoting its aims and objectives
▪ Ensure that the profile of the role of MICAS remains high
▪ Demonstrate the role of MICAS within the creative ecology and within the wider economy
▪ Demonstrate the role of MICAS in the culture led regeneration of Floriana and the inner Harbour area


Artistic Responsibilities

▪ Set the artistic vision for the organisation
▪ Working closely with board and its vision to set up the organisational structure
▪ Work with the board to develop and strengthen the different strands of the MICAS programme with commitment to develop its educational , community and inclusion strands.
▪ Work with the MICAS board to develop the relevant human resource structure
▪ Implement an inspirational 3 year programme programme that will lead to the opening of the MICAS internal galleries in 2022.
▪ including the delivery of exhibitions, publications, commissions, events, talks, workshops and new projects both within MICAS sited exhibition spaces and off-site
▪ Keep abreast of current thinking and developments in the visual arts with specific reference to contemporary art nationally and internationally
▪ Work with artists, curators and museums and galleries nationally and internationally


Financial responsibility/Resource Management

▪ Work with artists, curators and museums and galleries nationally and internationally


Work closely with the MICAS board to oversee

▪ Delivery of the Business plan
▪ Effective budget setting and control Implementation and development of earned income targets
▪ Exploitation and development of commercial and strategic opportunities
▪ Monitor risk strategy
▪ Research and develop new approaches to maximise income



▪ support the MICAS board efforts in fundraising by playing a strategic and active role in fundraising for the revenue and endowment campaigns:
▪ Responsible for ensuring that the fundraising strategy is being implemented across the organisation
▪ Be actively involved in supporting the Development team to deliver the fundraising targets
▪ Maintain and developing contacts with individuals, corporates and other organisations
▪ Liaising with key public sector funders



▪ working closely with the MICAS board and the management team to ensure the effective running of the organisation
▪ Motivate individuals and manage change within the organisation
▪ Ensure the organisation is effectively evaluated and marketed
▪ Oversee the implementation of all HR systems and procedures and regularly review the staffing structure



▪ Undertake any other duties as reasonably requested by the Chair and MICAS board
▪ Be Malta based and make themselves available with regards to outside normal working hours to attend events, meetings, dinners and openings


The Person

Experience and Knowledge

▪ Extensive proven International experience
▪ Significant experience in the sector with proven artistic flair allied to a successful track record of delivering artistic and learning programmes in budget
▪ Experience of fundraising
▪ Extensive management experience with a track record of working within budgets
▪ Financial and budget management experience
▪ Experience of working with a board of directors
▪ Experience of cultural-led regeneration
▪ Experience and knowledge of PR
▪ Excellent knowledge of the visual arts (historical and contemporary)
▪ Proven skills in writing and speaking about the visual arts
▪ A knowledge and understanding of gallery education or learning
▪ An understanding of the EU funding system and of relationships with major funders including local authorities


Personal attributes and abilities

▪ Motivational leadership style with an ability to engage diverse stakeholders, audiences and funders
▪ A proven commitment to broadening public access,inclusion and delivering learning, community and public programmes
▪ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
▪ Entrepreneurial, innovative and passionate about the visual arts and education


This contract for service shall be for a period of three (3) years.
If you are interested in becoming part of the MICAS team, kindly apply by sending your résumé to people@micas.art
Closing Date: 5th March 2021 at noon.

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