Ray Sciberras & Denise Camilleri

Ray Sciberras together with his partner Denise Camilleri manage Golden Island Ltd., which is involved in operating a number of apiaries around Malta for the production of quality Maltese honey and other beehive products. Ray started off his career as an industrial chemist, involved in the coating industry within the superyacht sector. His passion for beekeeping started off as a hobby. He turned professional in 2007 and currently takes care of some 150 hives. Denise comes with a quality control background from the beverage industry and has been involved in beekeeping for the last four years. Both partners are involved in making various products from honey and beehive products such as infused honeys, beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. They are involved in the production of cosmetics and beeswax candles. The company is also involved in making various traditional Maltese conserves and preserves from carob and local produce. Denise also makes a unique line of natural jewellery based on bees and local flowers. Ray is also involved in the development of a medical device based on honey used for wound treatment.

Photo courtesy of Ray Sciberras.


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