In Conversation With Cristina Iglesias
Watch world-renowned artist Cristina Iglesias discuss her new work Sea Cave (Entrance) with international curator Edith Devaney, giving insights into her distinctive sculptural vocabulary and her profound engagement with public spaces As a prolific artist, Iglesias’ work ranges from suspended pavilions, latticed panels, passageways and mazes, horizontal fountains to walls imbued with texts and structural and vegetative forms. It can be found in inner-city spaces or remote islands all over the world, offering viewers opportunities for contemplative experiences. Sea Cave (Entrance) is a site-specific piece with bronze sculptural elements and water sequences that enticingly engage the viewer’s perception. It unveils an imaginary opening to a subterranean space exploring hidden geologies, interconnections and the passage of time. This intriguing piece is exhibited at the historic Hastings Gardens in Valletta. The work will eventually be relocated and reinterpreted as a site-specific piece for the MICAS sculpture garden, presently being developed on the San Salvatore counterguard, Floriana.‘In Conversation with Cristina Iglesias’ formed part of the MICAS International Art Weekend 2021 and it was supported by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, MUŻA, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, Malta Tourism Authority, Heritage Malta, Air Malta, and Marian Goodman Gallery.  Learn more here.


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