Conversations On The Rock

Talk: Art & Internationalisation: developing transnational platforms in local contexts

Date: Friday 12th October 2018  

Venue: University of Malta, Msida

Moderator: Carmen Sammut

Speakers: Georgina Portelli; Ronald Micallef; Catherine Tabone; Edith Devaney; Sara Dolfi Agostini; Hans Ulrich Obrist

Art can be a transformative enabler for the creation and democratisation of spaces, as an operator for freedom of expression, accessibility and equality of opportunity. It can open new spaces for dialogue about common futures whilst celebrating differences. Through art we can dislocate from the singular world view by interacting with the multiple social worlds it mediates. Art can be inspirational, and has the potential to make interconnectivity visible. It can engage with the big questions and challenges that face the world through its capacity to reimagine and transform.

In an increasingly interconnected yet unpredictable world, where conflict, environmental, economic and social impacts are not constrained by national borders, how can art build bridges, trust and good relations between people? To what extent should this be reflected in the policies and actions of a new museum for contemporary art? Does art truly have the power to iteratively rethink the world? Given its own power in the world and its potential as a disrupter is art too susceptible to instrumentalisation?

This event formed part of a series of four discussions that were held on the 12th and 13th of October 2018 as part of the MICAS concept launch. Learn more here.


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